is more than just a Swiss-based manufacturer and supplier of high-precision hand tools and instruments. It's a trusted partner for businesses in a variety of industries worldwide, including medical device manufacturing, microscopy and laboratory, electronics and semiconductor, watchmaking, and jewellery.

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High Precision - Plastic Replaceable Tip Tweezers

Type 2ACP Plastic replaceable tip tweezers are suitable to applications which require holding Read more

High Precision Cutters

The 5247 is a high precision cutter belonging to the oblique head cutter family. The angled blade geometry supports the operator's Read more

High precision scissors

The 362S are high precision scissors. The extra fine blades are ideal for miniature work. The Inox material is suitable for cleaning Read more

Spatula kit

The K6MPTSP Stainless Steel probe kit contains the MPTSP1, MPTSP2, MPTSP3, MPTSP4, Read more

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