Robust protection for a variety of analog deployments

Things go wrong, and the more complex the system, the more opportunity there is for complications to arise. Still, designers take painstaking measures to ensure that the likelihood of things going wrong is as small as possible. To help designers succeed, Maxim Integrated has created a dependable portfolio of protection devices for industrial applications—ranging from blood glucose monitors, vital signal patches, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and beyond.

Maxim carefully developed robust protection ICs that screen and sustain optimal voltage, current and temperature levels to prevent systems from malfunctioning. Especially when designing for solutions upon which people’s lives can depend, it’s crucial to be sure you’ve got the best products for the job. Discover how Maxim’s robust protection devices can make all the difference.


SolutionsManufacturer Part #s Product imageBuy now
Supervisors: Voltage Monitors/Pushbutton IcsMAX16150, MAX16142Reliable ProtectionBuy now
Ideal Diodes/Voltage ReferencesMAX40203, MAX6078A, MAX40200Reliable ProtectionBuy now
Isolator IcsMAX12930, MAX22445, MAX16147Reliable ProtectionBuy now
Temperature Sensor ICsMAX31875, DS18B20, MAX31889Reliable ProtectionBuy now
Real-Time ClocksMAX31341B, DS3231M, DS1307ZReliable ProtectionBuy now