MEMS & sensors for automotive, industrial, smart factory and personal electronics applications

ST offers the widest range of MEMS and sensors covering a full spectrum of applications from low-power devices for IoT and battery-operated applications to high-end devices for accurate navigation and positioning, Industry 5.0, augmented virtual reality components and smartphones.

For Industry 5.0 , ST provides a complete range of products (qualified up to 125°C) suitable to be applied in early failure detection and predictive maintenance systems where vibration, temperature, pressure, sound, acoustics and even infrared analysis are needed.

The benefit of our 10 years longevity program is also available for Automotive- and Industrial-grade devices as well for consumer and medical applications.






MEMs and sensors quick reference guide

MEMs and sensors quick reference guide

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Building better sensing solutions together

Stay one step ahead with third-generation ST MEMS

Intelligent on-chip functionality and fully responsive UI support to drive intuitive and context-aware industrial and consumer applications. Third generation ST MEMS sensors are your new platforms for edge computing and user experience in industrial applications, wearables, and hearables.

With a machine-learning core for in-the-edge AI, finite state machine, sensor fusion low-power processing, on-the-fly self-configuration, and Qvar electrostatic sensing, they enable intuitive and context-aware functionality in the latest battery-operated applications. These sensors take output accuracy and power saving to new levels, so you can contemplate unseen market innovations and ambitious designs in full confidence.

Application examples

  • Smartphone tracking
  • Hearables
  • Augmented reality
  • Wearables
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Localization applications

Adapters sensor tile wireless industrial node development kit

The (STEVAL-STWINBX1) is a development kit and reference design that simplifies prototyping and testing of advanced industrial sensing applications in IoT contexts such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

It features a higher mechanical accuracy in the measurement of vibrations, an improved robustness, an updated BoM to reflect the latest and best-in-class MCU and industrial sensors, and an easy-to-use interface for external add-ons.

The many on-board industrial-grade sensors and the ultra-low power MCU enable applications that feature: ultra-low power, 9 DoF motion sensing, wide-bandwidth vibration analysis, audio and ultrasound acoustic inspection, very precise local temperature, and environmental monitoring.

A rich set of software packages is available in source code. Optimized firmware libraries and a complete companion cloud application help to speed up the design cycle to develop end-to-end solutions.

The kit supports a broad range of connectivity options, including the built-in RS485 transceiver, BLE, Wi-Fi, and NFC. The also includes a 34-pin expansion connector for small form factor daughter boards associated with the STM32 family, such as the STEVAL-C34KAT1 vibrometer and temperature sensors expansion board.

The is suitable for field trials, demonstrations, and PoC for industrial IoT applications that use ST software and third-party software.

Product associations


Ultra-wide bandwidth, low-noise, 3-axis digital vibration sensor

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iNEMO 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope with MLC

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Ultra-low-power 3-axis accelerometer

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Ultra-low power 3-axis magnetometer

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High-accuracy, 2-axis digital inclinometer with MLC

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Dual full-scale, absolute digital output barometer

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Low-voltage, ultra low-power, 0.5°C accuracy I²C/SMBus 3.0 temperature sensor

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Industrial grade digital MEMS microphone

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Analog MEMS microphone with frequency response up to 80 kHz

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STEVAL-MKBOXPRO PRO with multi-sensors and wireless connectivity for any intelligent IoT node

The STEVAL-MKBOXPRO ( PRO) is the new ready-to-use programmable wireless box kit for developing any IoT application based on remote data gathering and evaluation, exploit the full kit potential by leveraging both motion and environmental data sensing, along with a digital microphone, and enhance the connectivity and smartness of whatever environment you find yourself into.

You can entirely enjoy the PRO experience regardless of your level of expertise, the box kit could be exploited according to three different modalities: entry mode, expert mode, pro mode.

Product associations

  • Ultralow-power accelerometer with anti-aliasing & motion detection= LIS2DU12
  • iNEMO 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope = LSM6DSV16X
  • Magnetic sensor, 3-axis magnetometer = LIS2MDL
  • Pressure sensor = LPS22DF
  • Low-voltage, ultra-low-power, temperature sensor = STTS22H
  • Digital microphone/audio sensor =MP23DB01HP


Visit the GitHub repository for all drivers for MEMS sensors from STMicroelectronics.
Designed to reduce integration effort, time and cost.

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Standard C platform-independent drivers for MEMS motion and environmental sensors

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The X-CUBE-ISPU is an expansion software package for STM32Cube.

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Sensor and motion algorithm software expansion for STM32Cube

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HS Datalog

STM32Cube function pack for high speed datalogging and ultrasound processing

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ST offers a portfolio of automotive sensors qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards, including single, dual and 3-axis accelerometers (low and high g full scale), 3-axis gyroscopes and 6-axis inertial modules (IMU), all with digital output.

Automotive MEMS accelerometers

ST's low-g accelerometers as AIS2IH and AIS25BA, have advanced power-saving features and an extended temperature range that make them the ideal choice for non-critical automotive applications, such as telematics, navigation, infotainment and security.

Our high-g accelerometers feature an extended temperature range and are suitable for airbag applications in vehicle safety restraint systems.

Automotive 6-axis inertial module (IMU)

The ASM330LHH, ASM330LHHX and ASM330LHB are system-in-package featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope with an extended temperature range up to +105 °C. It is designed to address automotive non-safety and sensor-assisted applications like dead reckoning and sensor fusion. ST's MEMS automotive sensors are developed on the same technology platform used for high-volume MEMS at the core of many industrial and consumer applications.

Featured products
AIS25BATRlow noise, high bandwidth, 3-axis accelerometer with TDM interface for road noise cancelling (RNC) and vibration detection
AIS2DW12TRUltra-low-power 3-axis accelerometer for car alarms, key fobs, body and in-vehicle infotainment units including telematics
ASM330LHBTRHigh-accuracy 6-axis inertial module for ADAS and car electronic control units with ASIL-B library certification
ASM330LHHTRAutomotive 6-axis IMU for in-vehicle navigation and telematics system
ASM330LHHXTRLow-power 6-axis inertial module with embedded machine learning core for in-vehicle navigation system and intelligent vehicle status monitoring

Motion and environmental sensors for industrial applications

Smart Industry means doing things more efficiently, with more flexibility and customization possibilities in the supply chain, more sustainable production in a more environmentally friendly manner, better man-machine cooperation in the workplace and optimized usage of machines and tools.

Microelectromechanical systems and sensors: The 10 years longevity program

ST’s long-life MEMS sensors will stay in production for ten years, starting from the date of introduction. These products take part in the 10 years longevity commitment program, which assures, on selected parts, continuity and stability of supply for ST customers, especially those that design industrial applications and require long-term product availability. For more information about the 10 years longevity commitment program.

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iNEMO inertial modules integrate complementary sensors in compact, robust, and easy-to-assemble inertial measurement units (IMU).

iNEMO system-in-packages (SiP) combine an accelerometer and a gyroscope in a monolithic
6-axis solution.

Featured products
IIS2ICLXTRHigh-accuracy, Low-power, 2-axis Digital Inclinometer with Embedded MLC for platform levelling, robotics, forklift, solar panel trackers, leveling instruments, infrastructure condition monitoring
IIS3DWBTRUltra-wide bandwidth, low-noise, 3-axis digital vibration sensor for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance
IIS2DLPChigh-performance ultra-low-power 3-axis accelerometer for industrial applications
ILPS22QSTRDual full-scale, 1260 hPa and 4060 hPa, absolute digital output barometer with embedded Qvar electrostatic sensor
ILPS28QSWTRDual full-scale, 1260 hPa and 4060 hPa, absolute digital output barometer with Qvar detection in a water-resistant package
IMP23ABSUTRAnalog bottom port microphone with frequency response up to 80kHz for Ultrasound analysis and Predictive Maintenance applications
ISM330DHCXTR6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit with Machine Learning Core, Finite State Machine with digital output for industrial applications.

Smart factory is centered around industrial sensors added to equipment with both wired and wireless connectivity technologies, as well as more efficient power conversion technologies. Adding new power control systems can dramatically reduce the energy consumption of manufacturing systems, reducing costs and carbon emissions.

Embedding Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in ISPU to become part of the real-time systems is providing more visibility of the performance of the manufacturing systems. This is leading to the development of the smart factory that can be monitored in real-time and quickly reconfigured to meet the changing production requirements.

iNEMO logo

iNEMO inertial modules integrate complementary sensors in compact, robust, and easy-to-assemble inertial measurement units (IMU).

iNEMO system-in-packages (SiP) combine an accelerometer and a gyroscope in a monolithic
6-axis solution.

Featured products
ISM330ISTRiNEMO inertial module: always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope with embedded ISPU - intelligent sensor processing unit
LSM6DSO16ISTRiNEMO inertial module: always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope with ISPU - Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit
ISM330ISNInertial Measurement Unit With always-on 3D acc and 3D gyro with ISPU NanoEdge.AI for anomaly detection

Personal electronics covers a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets & eReaders, wearable devices, personal care and hygiene products, gaming devices, drones, audio-video equipment, and virtual & augmented reality devices. They have become part of our daily lives and we expect them to be reliable, and easy to use and capable of delivering the performance we need with a great user experience.


Featured products
LIS2DU12TRUltralow-power accelerometer with anti-aliasing & motion detection
LIS2DUX12TRUltralow-power accelerometer with AI & anti-aliasing
LIS2DUXS12TRUltralow-power accelerometer with Qvar, AI, & anti-aliasing

Pressure sensors

Featured products
LPS22DFTRLow-power and high-precision MEMS nano pressure sensor: 260-1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer
LPS28DFWTRDual full-scale, 1260 hPa and 4060 hPa, absolute digital output barometer with water-resistant package

Motion sensors

Featured products
LSM6DSV16XTR6-axis IMU with embedded sensor fusion, AI, Qvar for high-end applications for user interface functions like tap, double tap, triple tap, long press, or L/R – R/L swipe
LSM6DSV16BXTR6-axis IMU with sensor fusion, AI, Qvar, hearable features for TWS