Farnell in partnership with Nexperia, the expert in discrete and MOSFET components and analog & logic ICs, presents high-efficiency GaN FET with industry-leading performance.

Efficient power use is a key industrial challenge and a driver for innovation. Societal pressure and legislation are demanding increasing efficiencies in power conversion and control. For some applications power conversion efficiency and power density are critical for market adoption. Prime examples include the trend towards automotive electrification and the high-voltage communications and industrial infrastructure sectors. GaN FETs enable smaller, faster, cooler, lighter systems, with lower overall system cost.

Powering the IoT infrastructure

Providing us with the always on cloud connectivity, processing power and storage we demand takes a lot of power. Very efficient high-end power supplies are needed to deliver the reduced power losses in industrial automation, data centres, and telecommunications infrastructure. That is why the improved density and efficient power conversion offered by GaN-on-Si is critical.

Electrification of the powertrain

With every gram of CO₂ exhaust being vital in today’s cars, it is driving the move to vehicle electrification. From hybrids through to full electric vehicles, electrification of the powertrain is expected to dominate power semiconductor market growth in the next two decades. The power density and efficiency of GaN-on-Si will play a leading role in this space, specifically for on-board-chargers (EV charging), DC/DC converters and motor drive traction inverters (xEV traction inverters).


Nexperia’s current GAN FET products and development roadmap are focussed on delivering reliable products to support both automotive and IoT infrastructure applications. GaN process technology is based on our robust and proven production processes which now generates industry leading power GaN FETs.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy gate drive, low RDS(on), fast switching
  • Excellent body diode (Low Vf), low Qrr
  • High ruggedness
  • Low dynamic RDS(on)
  • Stable switching
  • Rugged gate bounce immunity (Vth ~ 4 V)

GAN063-650WSA GGAN041-650WSB
VDS650 V650V
RDS(on) Max60 mΩ41 mΩ
PackageTO-247 (SOT429)TO-247 (SOT429)
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Developing for the future

Nexperia  remains focussed on the development of very high reliability-high quality power GaN FETs, with continued development in:

  • Automotive qualification
  • 900 V and upwards
  • Half-bridge package solutions
  • Clip-bond packaging
  • Bare die

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  • Features of Nexperia cascode technology
  • Benefits in hard and soft switching topologies
  • Case study: 4kW totem pole PFC
  • Nexperia GaN products and upcoming innovations

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