Fully integrated sensor for proximity measurement and signal processing in a single package with a 12-bit ADC

Offered in 2 versions with a vertical cavity surface emitting laser or infrared emitter and photodiode

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TPP450A - 450 Watt Medical Power Supplies

Highest power density for convection/conduction cooled medical power supplies in 3”x 5”package

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The New TGR2050 SERIES

New RF Signal Generators. The TGR2051 and TGR2053 are the next generation of RF signal generators from Aim-TTi, offering both exceptional performance and new improved functionality with touch screen operation.

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SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway

Bring your IoT solutions to life with Avnet's Industrial IoT Gateway, powered by Raspberry Pi

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1.5GHz & 3.6GHz Spectrum Analyzers from Multicomp Pro

The Multicomp Pro MP700022 is a 1.5GHz spectrum analyser. Featuring 160dBm displayed average noise levels, <1.5dB total amplitude accuracy, EMI pre-compliance test kit, 1.5GHz tracking generator kit and a large 10.4" display.

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