Fractional-N Synthesizer Demo Board

DC1959B-D Demo Board for LTC6948 Fractional-N Synthesizer

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Fluxgate-Based Residual Current Sensors

The fluxgate (FG) current sensor is one of the most robust solutions for measuring residual current.

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Kona 8.5mm Pitch High Reliability Power Connector

Specify high current and high quality for maximum power in extreme conditions. With 8.5mm pitch and individually shrouded connections, you can achieve up to 60A and 3000V per contact. The tough resilient housings protect the connections from physical knocks and damage.

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Next generation: The R&S®MXO 4 oscilloscope

A once-in-a-decade engineering breakthrough: The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes excel in both performance and value and prove to be next generation technology.

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Advanced AI Embedded Systems

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is the world's leading platform for autonomous machines and other embedded applications.

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