Medical Connectors

The medical industry is subject to rigorous standards of safety, performance and reliability. Connectors and cable assemblies are no exception, and here you will find the ranges specifically for medical applications. From the filtered power supply to the fibre optics that enables key-hole surgery, we have the solutions from Lemo, Fischer, Schurter, Schaffner, Belling-Lee and Corcom. Surviving thousands of sterilisation cycles and harsh environments, whilst protecting health and safety, our connectors linecard will help you to complete your medical solutions, no matter what they are.


Lemo Connectors

K Series - Keyed waterproof to IP68 version of the B Series

B Series - Keyed Standard

The modular design of the LEMO B series connectors offers a solution for most applications. The push pull latching mechanism provides a secure connection whilst the density of the contacts provide for considerable panel space savings. Multi key options prevent cross mating of similar connectors within a panel. Contact types include LV, Fibre Optic, HV, Coax providing for every eventuality. Hybrids including of any of the above contacts are also available. The ruggedised design combined with precision manufacturing offers excellent durability, reliability and quality.

K Series - Keyed waterproof to IP68 version of the B Series

The modular design of the LEMO K series connectors offers a solution for most outdoor applications. The integral sealing within both plug and socket offers a watertight connection when mated to IP68.

Redel® P Series

The range employs the same secure push pull latching mechansim as the metal shell connectors. Where isolation of the connector is critical, such as with medical equipment, the Redel range can provide the ideal solution. In addition, the Redel range has been designed to be steam sterilised.

Redel XP Series - The new innovative connection from LEMO

The Redel® connector has been widely employed in the medical market which is constantly seeking improvements in performance. Amongst these requirements are impact and crush resistance due to the working environment in hospitals, numbers of sterilisation cycles that equipment can withstand, and increasing contact density as innovations occur within the medical equipment and other sectors.

S Series - Standard non-keyed connectors

The original non-keyed connectors available as coaxial, multipole and high voltage.

Fischer Connectors

Health care companies have continuously relied on Fischer Connectors to develop and produce innovative electronic medical connectors, ideally suited for use in medical applications.

Daily, Doctors and their patients rely on consistent, trust-worthy products solutions, which Fischer Connectors provides for the most demanding and critical medical applications.

  • Lightweight connectors
  • User safety
  • High density signal
  • Sterilisable connectors
  • Intermateable to metal
  • Sealing up to IP68
  • Color coding
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • "Mix-and-Match" contacts
  • Fiber-optic
  • Coaxial
  • Fluid
  • Gas
  • High & Low voltage
  • High current
  • Certified ISO 13485

Core Series

Schaffner Connectors

Schaffner, the market leader in EMC filters and power quality, has supplemented its proven IEC inlet filter series FN9222 and FN9233 with an even higher level of filter performance to flexibly meet new requirements.

With identical panel cut-outs and housing the new FN9244 series achieves an 8-10 dB improvement in insertion loss. The EMC filters are tested to ENEC, UL, CSA, and CQC, conform to RoHS and REACH requirements and can be used in devices worldwide.

The FN9244 series was designed especially to meet the requirements of the medical standards like IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

FN 9222

FN 9233

FN 9244<

Schurter Connectors

  • Compact design with optimal shielding
  • Suitable for assembly in metal plated plastic housings
  • Version with class X1 and X2 (standard version) capacitors
  • Universal line filter for standard applications
  • Designed for standard and medical applications
  • Qualified for use in equipment according IEC/EN 60950

C20F Series

Belling Lee Connectors

3 Pole filtered appliance inlet, end terminations. For medical and dental applications.

These filtered inlets are intended for incorporation in medical and dental equipment which is required to comply with the relevant section of UL 544 specifications. The mating face is in accordance with publications CEE 22 (IEC 320) standard sheet VI, and accepts connectors to standard sheet V.





Corcom Connectors

P Series (L Models)

L models feature a high performance medical filter designed to help bring most digital equipment (including switching power supplies) into compliance with EN55022, Level B (as well as FCC part 15J, Class B) conducted emissions limits.

P Series