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Utvärderingskort, Aktiv RC Lågpassfilter,Skena-till-skena Ingång & Utgång, Låg Offset


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RC lågpassfilter
Demonstration Board LTC1563-3
Aktiv RC lågpassfilter
Linear Technology
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DC338A-B is a demonstration board for the LTC1563-3 universal lowpass filter. Its extremely easy to use, active RC lowpass filters with rail to rail inputs and outputs and low DC offset suitable for systems with a resolution of up to 16bits. The LTC1563-3, with a single resistor value, gives a unity-gain Bessel response. The LTC1563-2 features a low power mode, for the lower frequency applications, where the supply current is reduced by an order of magnitude and a near zero power shutdown mode. This board is intended for use in evaluating simple, all pole lowpass filters using LTC1563. The filter complexity ranges from 4th order. The reference designators on the board correspond directly with the schematics produced with FilterCAD filter design program. With FilterCAD, the design of filters is a simple process. With the LTC1563 and this demonstration board, filter evaluation and integration are also simple.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Extremely flexible
  • Unity gain Unity Gain Bessel response uses a single resistor value
  • Rail to rail input and output voltages
  • Low noise
  • Cascadable to form 8th order lowpass filters


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