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Demokort, Halvbrygga Driver, DRV8833, Energisparfunktioner

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Halvbrygga drivkrets
Demo Board DRV8833, 6inch 12pin Cable, 6inch 2 x 6pin Cable, 1 x 12pin & 2 x 6pin Headers
Effekthantering - Motorstyrning
Texas Instruments
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The PMOD DHB1 is a H-Bridge Motor Driver based on DRV8833 dual H-Bridge motor driver chip to drive two DC motors or one stepper motor. The DHB1 is controlled through the Pmod connector J1. Logical levels on ENx and DIRx determine the motor direction and speed of the attached motors. The DHB1 uses a demultiplexer and pull-down resistors on the inputs to the DRV8833 H-Bridge pins to ensure that the H-Bridge works in fast decay mode. The intended operation of the DHB1 uses the enable pin as the PWM input and the direction pin as a logic level selector to set the direction of the motor rotation. Table 1 lists the motor responses that result from various input combinations. The DRV8833 chip provides over-current protection on the motor drive circuits. Each internal drive FET is independently monitored for an over-current condition and will be shut down internally to protect the chip.
  • Motor voltage can be driven up to 11.8V with a recommended 10.8V maximum
  • Two H-Bridge interfaces capable of 1.5A RMS (2A peak)
  • 2-channel Quadrature encoder channels for hall-effect sensors
  • Two JST 6-pin connectors for direct connection to motor-gearboxes
  • Logic input voltage range of 2.5 to 5V


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