ATSTK600-RC45 - 

Routing Card, STK600, 32-TQFP, tinyAVR serien, RC032T-45


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tinyAVR Serien
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tinyAVR Serien
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ATSTK600-RC45 is a Routing card for the 32 pin tinyAVR in TQFP socket supplements the Atmel STK6000 Starter Kit. The AVR device connects to the STK600 using an innovative routing and socket card sandwich system which routes the signals from the device to the appropriate hardware. The routing cards sit between the generic socket card and the STK600. The routing system is purely passive. No electronic components route the signals. So all I/O pins are directly accessible on the connectors with no altering of the electrical behaviour. The routing card design provides a low cost solution to support upcoming devices as the socket is the cost driving factor. The routing card has one pair of electric pads underneath to mate with the STK600 spring loaded connector and in addition with one pair of pads on top where the socket card connector connects.
  • Routing card for the 32 pin tinyAVR in TQFP socket
  • Low cost solution
  • Supplements STK600
  • Supports for devices like ATtiny48, ATtiny88, ATtiny828 MCU's
  • Require socket card and a STK600 motherboard to support the selected device


Automation & Processkontroll, Fordon, Byggautomation, Telekommunikation & Networking, Hemelektronik, Industri, Belysning, Bärbara Enheter, Motorstyrning & Kontroll, Sensing & Instrumentation

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