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Utvärderingskit, RFID, 125kHz / 433MHz, ATA6286, ATA5279, ATA5745


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Base Station LF Tx Module, UHF Rx Module, RFID Tag, 6' DB9 Cable, Power Supply, Changer, Antenna
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ATA6286, ATA5279, ATA5745
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ATA6286-EK3 is an evaluation kit for ATA6286 system on chip (SoC) active RFID device. The ATA6286 is a SoC active RFID device consisting of an AVR MCU, LF receiver, 433.92MHz RF transmitter, a temperature sensor and many other peripherals. This kit consists of two main boards and a battery powered tag. First main board is the control board for the LF (125KHz) trigger circuit based on ATA5279. The full function, smart power ICs generate a magnetic LF field with an antenna coil to transmit wake up strings and data or commands to an active tag. Second main board is the UHF receiver unit to receive the message from the battery powered tag. This board operates at 433MHz using the ATA5745 receiver IC. The battery power tag bases on an embedded ultra low power AVR 8bit microcontrollers with 8KB flash memory and an integrated RF transmission at 433MHz and LF receiving functionality at 125KHz in a small QFN32 package.
  • ATA2270-EK1/EK2 controller board with ATmega128 MCU and a user interface
  • ATAB5279B-V1.2 LF transmitter board with ATA5279C LF driver IC, external driver components
  • ATAB8202A-V1.0 UHF receiver board based on the ATA8202 RF receiver (434MHz)


RF Kommunikation, Trådlös Kommunikation, Systemövervakning


Base station LF transmitter module, Base station UHF receiver module, ATAB6286A active RFID tag, Null modem DB9 female to female 6feet cable, Two DB9 mini gender changers, Two DC 12Vdc, 800mA power supply and adapters, Two Premo LF 125kHz antennas, A UHF 433MHz ¼ wave fixed antenna.


90 Day Warranty only. After Expiration of Warranty returns must be processed via Microchip.